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This problem has caused me serious issues at work. Im now again in the process of looking for a better solution. I've found an Add-on that seems to do the trick. Haven't yet fully testes, but seems to work as advertised: http://universalmailer.github.io/UniversalMailer/download.html


Mailsum seems perfect for you (screenshot from site included below). It's $2 on the App Store.


You archived Mail goes into the folder you created and pointed to when you created the archive rule. You don't have an archive folder because you have to mount that folder you created in the mail app. Look at this site for how to set up the rule https://discussions.apple.com/message/15315328#15315328


I removed the account. Logged into OWA, moved the folder there. Re-added the account. Then I threw the machine out windows.

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