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Probably it's easy to extract using sed command on the terminal. sed -E 's/<div class="vk_bk vk_ans">(.*)<\/div>/\1/g' filename This will return you the text between <div class="vk_bk vk_ans"> and </div> that exists on your filename.


A running script won't actually have the process name 'google' even if that's what you called the script; it will be called 'applet' To get the OS to recognise it as a distinct process you need to edit the applet's resource structure… From http://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=25707 If you change the .plist executable name of your app, you must ...


When I asked this I didn't really know what I was doing. Texshop is an editor/viewer for Latex. It is NOT the compiler. It simply uses the compiler. If someone finds this and wants to use Sublime Text to edit their Latex documents then I suggest the plugin Latex Tools. That link also contains a great guide on how to set it up and recommends a PDF viewer ...


Yes, you can automate this using AppleScript. Here's a script I use: -- 1. Place in ~/Library/Scripts and enable the Applescript menu via the Applescript Editor -- (Or export to .app to run from spotlight.) -- 2. Substitute "vpn.example.com", "username" and "redacted" for your VPN server and password -- 3. Open Security & Privacy System Preferences, ...

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