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The terminal expects to use a monospace font, but you have used a proportional font. So when the cursor moves right or left, it moves by a fixed amount each time, rather than proprtionally based on whatever character was on the screen. Thus your columns are not lined up and moving backward ends up in the wrong place. To fix the problem, change the terminal ...


While the System is quite likely to use whatever RAM you throw at it (after enough I/O), it does by far not need all of that. All usual Distributions of Linux are preconfigured to aggressivly use RAM as a disk cache if - and only if - it is not needed elsewhere: The head of the output of top will look something like Tasks: 407 total, 3 running, 404 ...


For manually installed apps, consider downloading the Git or Hg repository if there is one. You'll be able to update to the latest (stable or development) version with one command and keep track of your own code changes if you end up making any. (And if someone finds a way to litter your files with malware, that also takes moments to clean up.) This sped up ...


If pacman cannot find the package on any mirror, that means it's looking for an old package that no longer exists, because your local package database is out-of-date. You should upgrade your system using pacman -Syu and do it more often.

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