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What about trying this : Use du to get a list of all the files and how much disk space used Split this filelist.txt into smaller lists (list1.txt, list2.txt, etc), each adding up to 2TB run rsync --files-from for each list, after swapping in an empty 2TB drive


You can use gpg (=GnuPG): gpg -o fileToTar.tgz.gpg --symmetric fileToTar.tgz This will prompt you for a passphrase. To decrypt the file later on, just do a: gpg fileToTar.tgz.gpg This will prompt you, again, for the passphrase.


Have a look at this page: http://7zip.bugaco.com/7zip/MANUAL/switches/output_dir.htm All you should need to do is specify the -o option & then a location and directory name, so the command would look like this: 7z x (archive file) -o (unzip location)\Directory HTH

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