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This is not possible out of the box. But it can be achieved using third-party product. As one of the developers, I can recommend ReliefJet Essentials. Its "Export Messages to EML Files" or "Export Outlook Items to MSG" utilities can be integrated with Outlook Rules and run automatically for each incoming email.


This is not possible, because in order to print the file it must be extracted from the archive, and then any limintations regarding how the file can be used are reliant on the currently used OS's permissions for that file. You could always avoid giving the users the password for the archive, and instead give them a bat script that extracts it to a hidden ...


Looking at the error you are seeing coupled with the fact that you can indeed decompress it says that the file is a genuine TAR/Gzip archive, but perhaps not an immediate TAR is created after the Gzip. Meaning, if you downloaded this from a web server, sometimes Gzip compression get’s applied to web content on the server level to speed up content download. ...


I assume you want to use the zip format instead of the 7z format so set -tzip and include the path in quotes in case there is a space in the path. 7z.exe a -tzip "file.zip" "C:\folder" Check the cmd manual for more details: http://sevenzip.sourceforge.jp/chm/cmdline/commands/index.htm


SSDs are flash memory, so that wont happen. You wont lose your memory unless the actual chips go bad, or the connections break, which happens a lot more often than you would think. See this too


I've read your question multiple times, it's very difficult to understand, but I think I've got it now. You want to have files put into individual tar archives, and then all stored in one gz archive. This won't work because gz archives only support compression of 1 file which is why people tar the files before compressing with gz. You could do the opposite, ...


For the rar and actually good things a 7zip + ultra compression + a regularly checked sha1 and md5 checksum. For most crapware.... well I just hope some site will offer it for dowload (legal, illegal, don't really care)

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