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Traditionally, in some contexts there is a End-of-file 'character' - MS-DOS / CMD.EXE uses CTRL+Z - Linux uses CTRL+D CTRL-Z is code 26, CTRL-D is code 4 in the ASCII table. These are still in use in situations when you use stdin (in the meaning as applied in "C" programming and general console/tty IO). e.g. C:\> copy con myFile.txt This is text to ...


No, EOF is not a special character, lol :) Take a look: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdio/EOF/ It is basically a macro: End-of-File It is a macro definition of type int that expands into a negative integral constant expression (generally, -1). It is used as the value returned by several functions in header <cstdio> to indicate that the ...

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