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I use CDex for this. It's very easy to use, especially if you have a large stack of cd's to rip. And it's open source. Once you have your config set up, it basically comes down to insert first cd click button wait 5 minutes switch cd with the next cd (the tray automatically opens) go to step 2


EAC is a popular choice for CD ripping on Windows. It's particular strength is in producing high quality rips, even of protected or scratched CDs. It's not shipped with an mp3 encoder, so you need to install one separately, the LAME encoder can be downloaded here. There's a step-by-step guide to secure ripping with EAC here. (Thanks to Jamie Ide for the ...


Passing -Z to cdparanoia will disable all error checking and correcting. -X will cause it to exit on the slightest error. Both together will check if the disc is pristine. Less-than-perfect discs can be played in a player, so you may want to try -Y instead of -Z as well if it fails.


to detect dev parameters for your burners - first run: cdrecord -scanbus then you can create shell script for .wav files cdrecord dev=,0,0 gracetime=2 fs=4096k -v -useinfo -dao speed=12 -eject -pad -text -audio /path_to_wav_files/* or for .mp3 files for I in *.mp3 do mpg123 --cdr - "$I" | cdrecord -audio -pad -nofix - done cdrecord -fix Also: ...


A Debian bug hits you! A Debian bug hits you! A Debian bug hits you! You die... do you want your possessions identified? (y/n) Ahem. It seems you have hit an actual Debian bug. In short, the udev rules are a bit messed up and thus only data-CDs are supported out of the box. The good news is that the bug should now be fixed. Have you run apt-get update ...


This is what iTunes was initially built for, you will need to check the encoder settings are set to mp3, then happy converting. There is also Banshee which runs multi platform, including linux, or you could use Windows media player.


Aha, figured it out on my own: The CD as it spins in the drive is heating up and expanding, but unevenly. This may be due to the full-disc-printed-sticker-labels that were are attached to one side of the disc by the author, and are not expanding at the same rate, or perhaps a manufacturing defect in the disc itself. Since one side expands faster that the ...

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