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You cannot accurately duplicate a hard-drive while it's being modified. Unless I'm very confused, this will try backing up the entire disk to a file on the disk, won't it? Yes, it will try. The dd command will read a block (from the drive), compress the block, write the block (to a file on that drive), and go on to the next block. The image will ...


You need to escape the [ character, replace it by \[. This is an example from my configuration: Patterns "\[Google Mail\]/All Mail" "\[Google Mail\]/Drafts" "\[Google Mail\]/Sent Mail"


Personally I use rdfind for this. As mentioned in the linked page, there are plenty of other tools for this and I've tried most of them, but rdfind has the optimisation of scanning the first and last few bytes of each file first, and only computing the MD5 sum if these are identical, which on my backups makes this way faster than anything else I've tried. ...


Try using the -C option in Tar: tar -C /usr/local/bin/ -cvzf foo.tar.gz data

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