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For an old (MFF, RLL, IDE, ...) harddisk 3 bad sectors is nothing to worry about. For a modern SATA disk (or SCSI or SAS) it is something to worry about. These remap bad sectors to spare sectors. If you have 3 bad sectors after the remapping then it is not just those three which are bad, but all the spare sectors have already been used. So, 1) determine ...


From experience, 3 bad sectors is nothing to worry about. You should: Make sure everything is backed up Monitor your bad sectors over time. If that number grows over time, it could indicate a failing hard drive. Run chkdsk. These could be "soft" bad sectors (bad checksum) instead of "hard" bad sectors (physical damage of drive sectors) and can be ...


OK, maybe this can be done with dd too, but I solved my problem using WinHex (I selected physical device). It can clone any parts of disk to images and concatenate them.

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