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We use a tool called Remote Desktop Commander to track the RDP Bandwidth consumption of our users. They offer a lite version of their tool that will show you bandwidth consumption by user session (very similar to TSAdmin), as well as a full data collection and reporting package in the suite version. We schedule reports that show RDP transfer by server and ...


Something similar happens with networking. Due to protocol overhead/10bits physical for 8 bits of pure data, it turns out a wash of 1:10 ratio rather than 1:8 when it comes to translating G or Mbps to real G or MBps. So Sata 3 is 6Gbps? Expect maximum 600MB/s. Ethernet at 100Mbps? 10MB/s. And so on.


I've finally finished implementing the tool which helps me to monitor Internet bandwidth utilization by each computer in my home network. I have shared Internet with my neighborhoods and sometimes when Internet hangs I want to know what is the reason. Who does consume 8 MBit/sec input and 0.5Mbit/sec output directions. In the EtherApe I did not find how to ...


There is a extension named User Agent Switcher available for both Google-Chrome and Mozilla-Firefox.Here is the link for its chrome extension: User-Agent-Switcher-for-chrome Install this extension and restart your web browser. After that an icon will appear on the right-top corner of your browser. Click on that icon and select Android. Then open any ...


Wi-Fi is for convenience, not for speed. Also, replace anything Ethernet with Wi-Fi in the visual aids. Satellite TV has interference when it rains, the same thing can happen with Wi-Fi, when channels are over-crowded. In the Wi-Fi Analyzer app, it should tell you what the best channels are. You should be able to switch channels in your router's ...


Within the normal range, the strength of the signal is not a problem as long as there is not another signal stronger on the same channel. There are Windows / Linux applications that can show a diagram of the way the channels of multiple signals superimpose. You have to check that and if that's the case, change your router to a less overcrowded channel.

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