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To use that BIOS flash utility, you will need Windows. It is more than likely a 32 bit Windows application. This means it wont execute in FreeDOS. Contact HP support and check their forums, there might be alternative methods for flashing the BIOS. As for "wiping the files that control the fans." That is pure bunk. While modern OSs do have the ability ...


I talked to the motherboard manufacturer. Surprisingly they were nice enough to help (it took them an hour, but they fixed the problem). They rebooted computer in safe mode and uninstalled drives. Attempts to uninstall drives in standard mode fails, but in safe mode it works. I don't know what is the Voodoo magic behind it, but attempts to uninstall drives ...


Remove the hard drive. Reboot the computer and press F10 for BIOS setup. Chose log in as Guest on the options that follow. Reset the BIOS security options to default and save the settings.

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