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Wikipedia page has nice comparison of all Blu-ray read and write speeds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc_recordable


This is a read-only Blu-Ray device. Confirm that by looking in K3b in the Settings > Configure K3b > Devices and look under the "Read Capabilities" and "Write Capabilities".


To clarify. You are differentiating between the computer drive(that would I suppose look like a DVD drive). Compared to the device that attaches to a TV. The device that attaches to a TV is very polished and fit for display, and has built in software to interpret the disc into a picture and just output the bits of display to a monitor. And it has ...


certainly A drive. has its own buffer, direct connectivity to your display device, and all its processes are focused on play the disc Commonly a drive can be ported to be an "external drive" with a proper case. Like old mutimedia cases for dvd-players which where nice. Just like with buy an HD case + HDD is cheaper than buy an external HDD, but in most ...


BD-ROM DRIVE means Blu-Ray Disk Read Only Memory Drive. It usually appears when you install a Virtual Drive using softwares like Daemon Tools, PowerISO, etc, and it is used to mount .ISO files and many other data formats.


Try consider this. What is the file format of the disk, FAT32 or NTFS. Most modern devices can read both but you tend to have issues with the file management system. This causes issues with the video files playing with out stopping and kickin out. FAT32 is not well managed try and format to NTFS.

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