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I had the same problem as well. The issue seems to be that the Bootcamp software is looking for the correct Realtek drivers, but can't find them so it just hangs. To fix it, manually install the drivers from Realtek while the Bootcamp setup is running. Then, go to Task Manager, find the Setup process, right click and press Go to details. Then find the ...


Same thing happened to me on Windows 10. In my case the enable bitlocker process changed the type code on my OSX partition. To verify and fix on windows, use gdisk. http://sourceforge.net/projects/gptfdisk/ Verification Open Administrative Command Prompt and run gdisk64.exe (assuming x64). "0:" which is a special syntax to describe disks in windows. (I ...


Yes, this is supported. Bootcamp in El Capitan will work with Windows versions "8 or later". See this Apple Support page for complete documentation on how to do this.


My Macbook Pro 13 inch with retina early 2015 model is configured for both filevault 2 and Windows 10 enterprise with bitlocker enabled. I did a lot of reading and found a couple of guides, one was the one you listed. I think from memory it missed a step needed in El Cap about new security to allow the partition to be created. I had to boot into osx ...

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