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I'm interpreting this question as being a problem with the .iso not being recognized by the wizard function within bootcamp (when it asks to create a bootable USB Drive from the windows .iso) (btw, win 7 isos are available for direct download from MS at - http://www.techverse.net/download-windows-7-iso-x86-x64-microsofts-official-servers/) I encountered ...


.CDR and .ISO files are not the same thing. You can convert your .CDR file to an .ISO file by using Terminal in Mac OS X. Let's use a file named BOOTCAMP.cdr for my example. Follow these steps: 1. Move BOOTCAMP.cdr file (created by Disk Utility) to the desktop of your Mac. 2. Start Terminal. 3. Type: cd ~/desktop then press Enter. 4. Type: hdiutil ...

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