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The reason XP shows the disk as 745 GB has to do with the limits of MBR partitioning (XP does not support GPT partitioning). With MBR partitioning you can only have 2^32 blocks of 512 bytes each; that is about 2 TB, hence the 2 TB limit. Worse: Even before any partition table entries are created, the 3 TB drive's capacity is reported by the drive as ...


no, the logo is stored in the UEFI and doesn't change if you reinstall Windows 8. Windows 8 will use this OEM logo during boot. It only changes to the generic Windows logo if you change the boot mode to legacy or disable the UEFI Graphics protocol (GOP), like I did on my Dell Laptop, to be able to boot Windows 7 in UEFI mode.


Booting this flashdrive has been working for years on hundreds of computers but I just have this one computer that I cannot figure out how to get it to boot on. I have a Sony Vaio that will not boot to this device... I had a similar problem with an ASUS laptop running Aptio UEFI (BIOS). If the UEFI does not detect the media as bootable, then you won't ...

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