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If it is still of interest: Try to start Linux with the linld.com command. It can handle big kernel images (>4 MB) and a big initrd (>10 MB). In my system, I use the following command: c:\loadlin\mandrake\linld image=C:\loadlin\mandrake\linuz263.889 initrd=c:\loadlin\mandrake\init-263.889 "cl=root=/dev/sdc14 ro video=1024x768" linld.com can be ...


All windows installers (at least the ones that I've used from 3.1 to Win 7) install their own bootloader if one is not found (and of course, it does not recognize Grub or Lilo). What you need to do is reinstall grub, by booting up linux somehow (live CD, the install image, or a USB install. It doesn't matter, really), and run this command: grub-install ...

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