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Fix for Multiple active partitions: Get a Linux live CD (I would recommend Ubuntu or any GParted containing live CD). Boot from it, open GParted and look at all the partitions. Remove the active flag from all except the Windows one or the System Reserved one). Also check if there are more than one boot flags. Also remove these leaving only one. Reboot. Fix ...


You need to split the 350MB MBR boot partition into the System and Reserved partitions used by the Windows GPT boot system. Based on instructions I wrote last time I did this process: Load a command prompt from the DVD (Repair Your Computer -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Command prompt) diskpart select disk 0 list partition # To verify layout ...


Srttrail.exe double boot failure followed by automatic repairs. I did a restore if you can get that far. Then do a custom install instead of express. Turn off updates on install. Allow the computer to boot and create a restore point. Then try updates. This worked for me and i tried everything else I could think of.

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