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Is it possible to create 7 boot partitions by editing MBR file ? No. When using MBR you only have room for four primary entries. You can not add more. What you can do is add an extended partition (which uses one of the three primary entries). Then you can create more partitions inside that extended partition. Alternatively you could use GPT setup, ...


Many modern operating systems do not need to boot from a primary partition. It sufficies to just use a boot manager. Even windows 7 and 10 can be installed for extended partitions. I ran windows 2000 of the h:/ and windows NT of a primary partition on the second hard disk.


Other than being inconvenient I suppose, and that typically you can't have more than one bootloader on a drive.You pick a boot drive not a partition. So, on a single disk dual partition system? It simply would not work. You'd have to use the bootloader on the drive and pick an OS from there. On a multidisk setup with one OS per drive, it works pretty ...


You can use free tools such as this.. although cmd might work with great effort its a ms tool it will only favor windows e.g if you want to add another windows installation to the boot-loader (btw i have only witnessed cmd doing that using bootrec.exe in recovery mode).

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