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The above symptoms are that of the Ambient Light Sensor feature. To disable this or make changes to the settings, go to the Advanced Section of the Windows Power Settings > Display > Auto Dim. Check Control Panel > Power Options and select maximum performance Next choose change plan settings. You can set when to dim the display when on AC or while on ...


You won't be able to adjust the brightness from your laptop - you'll need to use the physical control buttons on the monitor. According to the manual you should go Menu -> Color -> Brightness.


Edit: Reading your question again, it might not work for you, as it looks like you're looking for something to change brightness of each monitor independently. Try this: http://timebend.com/bright It's command line and you don't need to install it. Full disclosure: I wrote it.


Se if you can decrease brightness on Controlpanel -> Power Options: Adjust the display brightness. Maybe you have to check some options there. EDIT: Try this: Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager. In the Device Manager window, look for “Monitors”, then right-click your monitor and select “Uninstall”. Be sure to also check the ...

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