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While it could be another power supply issue, it could very well be an over heating issue. The error with Windows was an unhandled exception, but since it is resetting while using Memtest, it rules out Windows altogether and there no need to go further with that for now. It's possible that your processor could be over heating and the system is automatically ...


Windows uses a new Boot since Windows 8 called Fast Startup, which is a logoff + hibernation to shutdown and a resume from hiberation + login at boot. Here all drivers must support the hibernation/resume. you have an incompatible driver which causes the DRIVER_POWER_FAILURE. Here is the Windbg output: 0: kd> !podev ffffe0012a433060 Device object ...


You have a hardware problem, probably video RAM. Try a different, known-good video adapter. If you can't (because it's built into the laptop), then you're now in the market for trying to find a compatible motherboard from eBay or alike, or just replacing the laptop.

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