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The cables you're looking at are active adapter cables. They contain circuitry that requires an external power source to operate. The USB connector provides that power (and nothing more than that).


If you want to connect these cables to your D-Link switch's 10GBASE-T ports, then you need to put whatever connector your D-Link switch has, and your D-Link switch almost certainly has Cat 6a 8P8C ("RJ-45") connectors, because it's been designed to work with Cat 6 and Cat 6a cabling. Your D-Link switch almost certainly doesn't have those weird ARJ45 or GG45 ...


If the drive or device you are trying to attach via the cable draws its power over the cable: Absolutely yes! The length of the cable plays a larger role in this case that since it is low voltage power transmission. This is no IT topic, but pure physics. Testcase: I've just attached two identical external 2,5" 1 TB HDDs via a 3 m USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable. ...


To Send Music and your Mic on Skype, the best solution is Voicemeeter ( follow user manual up to use case #1:

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