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That was a complete and utter pain to find, but I managed to sniff it out. Multiple sources here,here and here call it a clip style standoff - the last of which is a vendor who sells it under the name. More importantly icrontic has a good picture of one, so you can email your preferred parts vendor and get what you need,


When you install a Fan, you plug the Fan into those connectors. By doing so you can manually adjust the speed of the fans probably by some switch on your case. There's Fan connectors on the motherboard aswell, which let's you control the speed of the fans with a program (provided to you by your motherboard manufacturer)


EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2 port: 6 port: SATA+periphery 6 port: 6+2 PCI-E 2 port: 4+4 CPU RM Series™ RM1000 port: 6 port: SATA+periphery 6 port: 6+2 PCI-E & 4+4 CPU 1 port: C-LINK(Corsair Link port) connect to USB 2.0 port Corsairs Link Dashboard: Video: Corsair RM1000 Power Supply - RM Series 1000W [Unboxing + First Look] EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 ...

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