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After the same thing happening to me and searching for days, I found this solution which worked instantly to restore language bar! 1) Open command window and run 2) Ctfmon.exe


It requires to change the language for non-unicode programs to Chinese:


These – =?GBK?B?1cK5scf4s8e53L7WudjT2s34wufT38fp0MXPoteo?= =?GBK?B?sai1xLTwuLQoz8K6vszBMbrFKS5kb2M=?= – are MIME Encoded-Words. The general form is: =?charset?encoding?encoded text?= You're correct that the charset is GBK, but you must first interpret the transport encoding, which is either B for Base64 or Q for Quoted-Printable. Thus: py3.5 >>&...


I would advise you to create a system restore point before you follow the below steps: Type "regedit" and go to Windows registry editor Go to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Right click on the blank space and select "New Sting Value". Right click on the newly created value, click modify and then type “ctfmon”=...

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