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If your using a USB stick or depending on your drive setup, you may need to rename the two lines at the end of the script from sdA to sdb. In the newest script there should be a /dev/sdb12 and on the dd= line an /sdb3


There's a Chrome extension called Decreased Productivity that has a button in the address bar you click to hide all images. AFAIK you cannot selectively enable an image but the extension works really well and gives a clean, readable page.


you must download Adobe reader and install it. Then you open Dragon and type chrome://plugins/ there you should see Adobe Reader - Version .... Click Enable below and also check Always allowed and that's it.


Chrome (and I assume chromium) has an available built-in resolver. It will ignore local resolve settings. go to chrome://flags/#enable-async-dns And make sure it is set to disabled. Also you can goto chrome://net-internals/#dns and force chrome to flush its internal dns cache.

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