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That's quite easy: Use ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i yourfile.avi -c:v copy -c:a mp3 yournewfile.avi will e.g. create a new file, where the video track is simply copied, while the audio track is converted to MP3. ffmpeg -i yourfile.avi -vn -c:a mp3 yournewfile.mp3 will extract the audio track only in MP3 format. EDIT A possible workflow for replacing the ...


The repository you linked is missing a configure file, even though the installation file mentioned it. This looks like a better repository https://github.com/Distrotech/libilbc-webrtc so what you do is git clone https://github.com/Distrotech/libilbc-webrtc.git cd libilbc-webrtc ./configure make make install then after don't forget to actually use the ...


The key is the x64. I had to install ffdshow x64 to appear in the external filter list.


This really depends on the type of encoding. If you capture the video in RAW format, then yes: more images require more storage in a linear fashion. If you encode the captured images directly into some compressed format, then it all depends on how that codec works. In regard to file sizes, that is determined by bitrate × duration. So the frame rate is not ...

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