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Once a PowerShell session is closed, all data specific to that session is disposed (unless you've installed third party programs to log anything). So unless you've installed something to cause an effect otherwise, or you're specifically saving data to a file or the registry, nothing is retained.


You also need to enable histexpand, which allows the timestamps to be interpreted properly as they are prefixed with history comment character: $ ssh HOST 'HISTFILE=/tmp/bash_history;HISTTIMEFORMAT=" %F %T ";set -o histexpand -o history; history' 1 1971-06-12 01:37:36 pwd 2 1971-06-13 11:15:56 ls 3 1971-06-13 07:56:05 who See the description of ...


After looking into this a bit, my conclusion is that on 8.1 it's not possible to prevent IE history URLs (and Explorer history items, for that matter) from showing up among the Run Dialog items. First, I haven't found a fix, and second, the text hardcoded into the GUI ("Specify the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource." - translated from ...

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