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I've been trying to figure this out too. From what I can tell, there used to be a registry key that could be modified to change the drive spindown time. This registry key doesn't exist in newer versions of Windows, that's why the Nero tool doesn't work anymore. I haven't been able to find an equivalent registry key by searching the registry (I searched all ...


The answer I think should really be: Mount 'raw' images sudo hdiutil attach MYCOPYIED.ISO -imagekey diskimage-class=CRawDiskImage create real iso from that sudo hdiutil makehybrid /Volumes/NAMEOFISOFS -iso -joliet -o namefornewdisk


TECHNIQUES ARE FOR THE BOTTOM (clear side or side that is not labeled) OF YOUR DISC ONLY. What you will need: CD/DVD Cleaner Disc. Alcohol and/or Window Cleaner. Soft Tissue AND Paper Towel. Brasso brand metal polish. More than 1 very good disc recovery (not hard disk--media) program downloaded on your PC. If you require audio .cda file recovery (can be ...


Please try copy/pasting the following into Notepad, save it as DisableMediaPlayerAutoPlay.reg, double click this file to add it to the registry, and restart WMP: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences] "CDAutoPlay"=dword:00000000 This will however only disable autoplay in WMP's Library mode. WMP ...

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