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I recommend IsoBuster to pull all your data out from multi-session discs, packet written discs, hybrid discs or even damaged discs. Other than the last use case you can copy the data without creating an image. The Pro version's not free but you can click the "Free Functionality" button when prompted during install and see if it suffices. Data ...


ISO keeps more than just files and foldes. A bootable CD is still bootable if it has been copied to a ISO file and then burned again on CD (or used to install Operating System in VMware etc.) If you just copy files and folders from a bootable CD to another CD, the new cd will not boot.


A CD + G file is short for Compaq Disk + Graphics file. Essentially, you can play a regular CD in a karaoke player. If you are asking how to make a CD + G format file from an MP4 file, it isn't quite so simple. You need specific Karaoke making software to do it. Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro is a program that comes to mind. Here's the thing, whenever you create ...


It is quite easy to "partition" a DVD if you are creating the DVD on a Linux system. If you do "partition" the DVD, it will present itself to the OS as two or more separate DVD drives. There are numerous ways to do this. For example, you can use the -eltorito-alt-boot option to mkisofs. This is what I use to create my UEFI Rescue DVD which contains a ...

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