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Installed or portable doesn't matter in this case when the CPU architecture itself is not supported. PortableApps programs are still x86 or x86-64 executables and will not work on a system with an ARM CPU unless they are recompiled. Moreover, even if they are recompiled Microsoft has restricted Windows RT only to Store apps. The only way you can run ...


mastseller's answer (1. answer) is working, but lot of application's text become fuzzy :(. BUT now the "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" checkbox is working. So if there are some application where the fuzzy in right disturbance, than the small size, do this: 1) Search the application starter file (.exe, .com) in a file manager, OR it's icon ( or if the ...


Although MS Access 2013 can save database files in the older .mdb format (as opposed to the newer .mdbx), not all features are compatible or can be saved in the older format. Access 2013 should give you a warning when saving to the older format with unsupported features. I have personally seen it do so, but maybe it doesnt in all cases. Regardless, the ...


You may experience some instability at high load, but it should be fine. Make sure that your power connectors are exactly the same, polarity, pin count, shape and size - otherwise you may break your laptop. If you are not sure swing by a computer shop and they will tell you will it work or not.

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