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There are two versions of the ATX power supply connector. Version 1, was a 20 pin connector (2x10), and Version 2 is a 24 pin connector (2x12): . The -5V pin is no longer present on the version 2 connector, but otherwise pins remain in the same relative location (although numbered differently for pins 11 upwards). For backward compatibility, some power ...


The -5V pin was actually removed from requirement even on the old 20-pin connectors in ATX12V version 1.2 way back in 2002, although it was not prohibited by the specification. Guidance for the pin was phased out over the next few revisions. Per the ATX12V 1.3 Specification Section 1.2.1 Key Changes for ATX12V Version 1.3 : -5V removal: Guidance ...

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