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I figured it out!! The hard drive casing can be pulled forward about an inch, and then released with pressure down and to the left. Now I have the box pulled out. NOTE: In the image above, I already removed a screw in the metal face just above the case. You see the hole in the top center of image.


How about a 2.5 inch hard drive instead of a 3.5 drive? Cables with 90 degree connectors would work for power and data. Vent holes along the bay could be used for mounting screws, or just cobble something up for mounting if you're inventive.


put it under DVD driver, you can find holder for your HDD in computer store i have the same case, or you can remove it and rotate


This is baffling since—if what you are saying is true—the M.2 mounting screw being fused makes no sense; it should simply be a standoff with a small screw in it. Looking through the official ASUS Z97I-PLUS manual doesn’t help much either. The only thing I can glean from all of this is your motherboard can handle 2242, 2260 and 2280 sized SSDs; 22mm is the ...

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