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A CPU cooling fan is not included with that processor, so yes you would need to get one. You can either get a fan, or one of the Corsair H-series liquid cooling kits. I like the Corsair H-series coolers because they are much more quite than fan coolers, and it's all set up and ready to go. You don't have to worry about leaks or anything. According to the ...


Note: if your question was already taken down, I recommend checking it over before re-asking to make it fit the guidelines. Getting to your question(s), Gaming performance will be fine. It generally depends on the game but all your parts are pretty high-end, and performance should be amazing in most games. You ABSOLUTELY need CPU cooling. I can't make ...


This happens often when some hardware item is gone bad. The file system gets corrupt and windows won't boot. Don't worry. Most likely your RAM, VGA or the HDD itself. You can try pressing F9 right after your boot screen to boot into safe mode. Once there, try running a scan disk on your root drive. Right click your drive under my computer & select ...


I would try to run a live OS distribution on it to check if the problem is caused by software or hardware. If it runs okay, the problem is probably caused by software or the HDD itself. If it was a software problem, reinstalling Windows should help. When you choose Upgrade as the installation method, you should lose no user data on HDD.


I did a quick read of your issues and I noticed you might have issues similar to those that I had recently. My desktop has 3 hard drives, 2 SSDs and a mechanical hard drive. SSD1 had a Linux installation, and what I tried to do is install Windows 10 Preview on the mechanical drive and Windows 7 on SSD2. I installed everything in MBR (I used GParted to ...


Run some diagnostics, such as : Try running a live distro, check for any issues. Have you tried any other operating systems? If the issue persists then you know it is something wrong with your hardware. The boot record may be corrupting itself for whatever reason. Whilst yes, it is inadvisable to wipe an SSD in the same traditional methods, due to their ...


More [maximum] wattage then you need will not break it. The specs are a maximum what a PSU can deliver, not a fixed value which it must deliver. I tend to try to use simple real life things to compare with. In this case the PSU is a car which can drive up to 75kmph. It can also drive slower.

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