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Well, I made a quick attempt and this and came up with a rough version that works. It probably isn't the best so hopefully someone responds with a more elegant solution, but try this: =IF(AND($B$2<=$B$1,$B$3<=$B$1),"Good",IF(AND($B$3>$B$1,$B$2>$B$1),"Bad", "Neutral")) B1 = 0.83 (just my value for budget) B2 = YTD value entered by user B3 = MTD value ...


Here’s a tricky way (that might be considered elegant).  I’ll assume that < 83 is the “good” condition.  Use this formula: =CHOOSE((D1<83)+(F1<83)+1, "bad", "neutral", "good") Logical expressions like D1<83 evaluate to one of the Boolean values TRUE and FALSE, which are numerically equal to 1 and 0, respectively.  By adding ...


You can use a formula like this in column B =IF(A1>=PERCENTILE($A$1:$A$10,0.4),1,0) Depending on your specific data, you may need >= or just > - you can determine that when working with the data.

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