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Couldn't really find an answer for this but got a workaround - pivoted the query results instead and just applied conditional formatting on the pivot.


To highlight the cells in col B which appear next to a blank cell in col A: Put the cursor on B1 and select Conditional Formatting -> New rule. Select the last option in the list of rule types, "Use a formula to determine..." In the field that says "Format values where this formula is true:" enter "=IF(ISBLANK(A1),TRUE,FALSE)" (see screenshot) Click the ...


Select the range you want to apply the conditional formatting rule to and go to Conditional Formatting on the Home ribbon, then New Rule.... From there choose Use a formula to determine which cells to format and enter the formula below. =AND(COUNTA($A1:A1)=1,A1="") Here A1 is the top-left cell of the selected range. Adjust the formula to fit your needs. ...


Make sure that the referenced cell contains valid numbers. To check this, put the formula =Mechanic!$C$8 in a blank cell. I.e., make sure C8 in worksheet named Mechanic contains 2 and C7 contains 4. If they do contain the correct values then make sure they are formatted as number and not text. If these two are taken care of you should be good to go.


Building on brettdj's answer, because I found the linked article quite difficult to follow: Create a new Conditional Formatting rule and select Use a formula to determine which cells to format Insert the following formula: =ISFORMULA(INDIRECT("rc",FALSE)) If you want the rule to apply to the whole worksheet, $1:$1048576 as the range to apply to. Otherwise, ...

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