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Removing duplicates from your list with Excel: Paste your complete list into Column A. Sort the entire column alphabetically (A > Z). Select Column B, enter the following into the "formula" box =IF(TRIM(A1)=TRIM(A2),"",TRIM(A1)) Run the formula. Keeping Column B still selected, go to the menu: Edit > Fill > Down. Column B will fill up an updated ...


Another way that works on 10.10: Configure your exchange account in Systems Preferences/Internet Accounts. Open the contacts app. In the left hand bar, select Exchange/Contacts, then drag and drop all the contacts you want to the iCloud section.


I tried a bit of exploring and found the solution. So far the groups have not come back. Go to People app website and sign in to your Microsoft account (same account that you use for Skype). Make sure you are signed in to Skype Desktop as well. In the People site, on the left side, find each Skype list (Messenger group; hereafter called "group") you want ...


In Address Book (Select Names) open Tools -> Options. Now you can find that the default setting is "Start with Global Address List". You can reorder address lists as needed by selecting the "Custom" option. You can also choose your local folders to be default address book by choosing in in the dropdown list on the bottom.

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