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Actually, if you have Outlook Social Connector enabled, it updates your contacts from GAL automatically. To check this, open View tab on the ribbon, click People Pane button and select Account Settings there.


You can export vcf (contact card) file from most of these services, then import it on your other account. Google also offers Outlook specific file (which is also compatible with Live). What you should do is decide on a primary service (live/gmail etc) to always update your contacts. Then once a month/week do the export->import the contact file (vcf, csv ...


Nicholas from Copy2Contact here. Blu and I chatted by email but for anyone else interested, unfortunately Google has removed the "Add any gadget by url" functionality required for our gadget. This came as a surprise to us and they don't appear to be providing any sort of migration path so we'll have to develop a new Copy2Contact app for Google Contacts from ...

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