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I was having a similar problem. The fan speed would vary all the time at the slightest change in CPU usage making the sound of it impossible to get used to. My solution to all fan speed issues1 is to install SpeedFan. There are also a few alternatives for linux should that be your OS of choice. 1Besides regular cleaning


It will be okay to put but it is of no use to connect the exhaust fan on an intake fan, both will be fighting for the same air(i.e. neither hot nor cool) as both are in the same direction. instead of that put both the intake fan at one place. That is remove your 1 intake fan and connect it above the CPU intake fan so that the external intake fan bring the ...


I have the same card and I can confirm that it runs at about 49/50C on idle and about 68/71C on full load. Ive been reading a lot that this card just runs hotter. Nothing to worry about really.

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