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Windows includes robocopy built in, which copies multiple files from a single command: robocopy a\source\folder a\dest\folder file1.docx file2.exe


You can take ownership of the whole /media/usb0/ directory: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /media/mnt If you are using a desktop environment, it's automount daemon should take care of mounting the volume with correct permissions. Just make sure to remove /media/usbX lines from /etc/fstab If the volume is NTFS, make sure you have ntfs-3g installed.


Based off of the answer given for a similar question Another way is to use GNU Parallel to run multiple cp instances at once: parallel -j 0 -N 1 cp file1 ::: Destination1 Destination2 Destination3 The above command will copy file1 to all three destination folders in parallel

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