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Tetsujin is right; in this case, a move copies, then deletes the original. There are also a couple things I want to add. First, that only applies when moving between volumes. If you're moving from one place to another on the same volume, then a move will be nearly instant because it only needs to change a small amount of data that specifies where the file ...


You have TWO problems. A: you're apparently are on the machine you're trying to copy to, rather than the one you're trying to copy from B: cp cannot transfer between machines. To resolve A try scp username@YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY:/home/username/some.xml /path/to/directory/


The whole concept of metadata is that it is directly connected to a file. Metadata is data about data as explained here on Wikipedia: Metadata is "data about data". There are two (metadata types), structural metadata, about the design and specification of data structures or "data about the containers of data"; and descriptive metadata about ...


I had the same problem in a Makefile. Strange "cp -n" worked in the same shell. Would be interesting to know why?! This is my solution, a bit shorten than if then else test -e folder/requirements.txt || cp -p ../requirements.txt folder/requirements.txt

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