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First of all, it's not overclocking per se, it's what is known as Intel Turbo technology. That means it actually overclocks the CPU temporarily to give you a power boost when needed, as long as it stays within the thermal envelope. If you want to read the specifics, you can go here. A lot of people misunderstand this and a lot of shops misunderstand this, ...


Intel processors actually have a feature called "Intel Turbo Boost" that enables the CPU to overclock itself in certain circumstances - e.g. when an application is not able to take full advantage of multithreading and some cores are not used while others have 100% load. Not used cores are downclocked or powered down and the cores that are used are ...


The other answers with respect to "Turbo Boost" dynamic overclocking are correct. To answer the main question regarding advertising: it is subtly different than "regular overclocking" in that it is built into the design and it is has a dynamic safety rubric on the BIOS/CPU level.


Your CPU cannot talk directly to DIMM's. The motherboard is in between the two. In particular, the motherboard is responsible for figuring out which DIMM to talk to, when the CPU asks for a certain address. If the CPU gives an address past 4 GB, and the motherboard doesn't understand that address, it can't find the right DIMM. (More modern CPU's work ...


No, your motherboard will not support either of those processors. The XFX 750i is a Socket LGA775 motherboard (source) but those processors use Socket LGA1150 which is much newer. The Pentium and Celeron brands have been reused many times since the 90's even though different generations are not compatible.


The performance lag of the SSD and CPU will be minimal, as the CPU will in all likelihood have Intel SpeedStep (or TurboBoost*), which will enable the CPU to effectively overclock itself to a higher rating (For example, my NetBooks Core i5 runs natively at 1.5GHz but will boost to 2.3GHz if need be.) As long as the CPU is at least a dual core (hopefully ...

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