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Yes the price increase for the Dual Core is due to the amount of memory in the graphics. What the difference you will notice most using your laptop for programming is compiling large applications and or running large SQL statements as these are both processor intensive. The quad core is rated much higher then the dual core (LINK). If you are not doing ...


In short, NO. Overclocking your chipset will not get you a significant improvement in graphics while playing games. It probably won't even get you a noticeable improvement in graphics. You might get an extra 1-2 fps if you lucky.


the video card is clearly better as the price goes up So they sacrifice some processor to give you better graphics.


There is no problem with using isopropyl alcohol to clean off copper or aluminum. I have done it for years, the worst that could happen is a very thin oxidation layer could form, which will form anyway on any totally raw surface. Application of oiley or greacy thermal compounds keeps the oxygen from hitting them after cleaning, and everything is good to go. ...


Would this work? Should work on already-running processes: taskset -cp 0-3 `pid of mc5` taskset -cp 4-7 `pid of mc26`

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