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The best way to find out, use something this:


If your graphics card is drawing frames 40 times a second rather than 60 times a second, it will save power because the graphics card is less busy (33% power savings). This is probably the source of any power savings. If your monitor refresh rate is set to 40Hz and a game you are playing is set to wait for vsync, then this certainly applies. Otherwise ...


It is true in certain circumstances - specifically, those circumstances in which the display driver (GPU) is a significant part of the power consumption, and the display itself is not capable of self-refresh (which is still a new and non-widespread feature). As other answers note, the power consumed by a display (possibly excluding CRTs) is largely ...


LED: Refresh rate should have a minimal effect on energy efficiency. The LEDs only draw power when they are energized, and the overhead from the control circuitry should be more or less constant. (Note: this refers to 'true' LED displays, not LED-backlit LCD displays, which may or may not actually be commercially available at the time one is reading this.) ...

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