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Drag & drop the link in this JSBin snippet to your browser's bookmark bar. Every time you have to change the width of the div on the desired page, click on the bookmarklet The following is the bookmarklet code: javascript:(function(){document.getElementsByClassName('main')[0].style.width='1200px';})()


You can't do this with Stylish on YouTube; you need a userscript or extension, because it is a matter of javascript/page state, not (just) CSS. There's several extensions out there already. I use YouTube Center -- which is available as a userscript and/or an extension on most major browsers.


Try playing with the margins, changing its values, like: menubar, nav-bar, #TabsToolbar > *{ background-color: red !important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px !important; } (maybe negative values will do it) If you can't get it right, download the DOM Inspector add-on to analyze your browser's chrome.


What you are trying to do is a bad idea as firstly no one should be making this much effort to support IE6 in a new web application and secondly your HTML structure is not flexible and will only work in very specific scenario. However, I was curious to see if the classic IE6 float bugs could be overcome purely with CSS and no extra HTML and surprisingly it ...

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