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CodeKit works like a charm; Simply open up your Sass/HTML/JS in Sublime Text, then run CodeKit. Drag and drop your source folder into CodeKit, hit Preview and voila – it compiles and update all changes while giving you a live preview.


This can be easily done with the command line tool wget. Download it and then enter in your command line: wget -p -k http://mywebsite.com Wget will download all CSS, JS and Webfonts.


From your editor on the right side where you have the option to change theme (see photo) ![enter image description here][1] Notice the small icon in red for "Customize theme" click it to bring up the option listed in the second image, here you want to play with your Form Background and Page Background, from Page Background you can remove or change the image ...


This is a bug in IE11 that is is signaled several times in Microsoft Connect, but it does not seem as if Microsoft understands it. I have been able to restore the correct display by adding the following line to the header: <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10" /> This puts IE11 into IE10 compatibility mode, where border-radius is ...


Since it is happening in Skype as well as IE I would take a look at your css settings since that runs many parts of Skype and possibly could be used on Google's webpage like you displayed. If this doesn't solve it then I would test your video card in another computer to see if the same issue appears. If it does, then I would suspect the video card is bad. ...


Disabling IE11’s Compatibility View may help : Alt+T or Setting (gear icon) Choose Compatibility View Settings Uncheck the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View checkbox Restart IE11 For more details, see the article Fix: CSS border-radius not working in Internet Explorer 11.


Try clearing the cache. Go into IE and press ctrl+shift+delete. Then tick/untick the following boxes, as shown in the picture. Then wait for it to delete all these files (it may take a minute or two) and when it is done, refresh the page.

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