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Next, what I noticed is that whatever time server I enter, even those that are working perfectly fine on other computers on my network, I get a connection timeout. That's probably because you're just typing in the new Time Server and hitting "Update Now". This doesn't work because the new time server you typed in doesn't actually take effect until you ...


Midnight Commander's new settings location: ~/.config/mc/ini Your settings was tested and worked as expected.


The number of hours will be simply the next business day at 9:00 AM minus the starting time (formatted as [hh]:mm to allow the display of >24 hour periods). The trick will be getting the number representing the next business day at 9:00 AM correct.         The formula in B2 is, =WORKDAY(A2,1*(HOUR(A2)>9))+TIME(9,0,0) This makes the formula in C2, ...

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