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If you want a solution which works always try this: $((`date +%s` % 86400 + $OFFSET )) The $OFFSET should be the difference in seconds between the local timezone and UTC.


This question is a bit old, but to date it does not seem to have an answer. I've also seen similar questions on a number of sites, but have not yet found any answer that involves only built-in Excel functions. However, it is quite easy to solve this with VBA. You don't even have to know how to program to do this, because the required function is so simple. ...


First of all, thanks to @jcoppens help, he give me the need to follow. The sudo hwclock shows me it can't have any method to access the clock, and then notice me to use --debug option for more info. The --debug option gives me that Open of /dev/rtc failed: Device or resource busy, and I then googling for that message. And finally, I found this post: ...


In Excel, go to the Developers Ribbon tab and click Visual Basic. Right-click on the VBA Project (outlined in Red) and select Insert and then Module. This will add Module1 to the project below the VBAProject. Double click on Module1. Select the panel to the right and paste the following code in: Option Explicit Public Function EndDayTime(StartTime As ...

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