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You can send an ARP request or a Neighbour Solicitation for your own address. If you get any replies, then the address is a duplicate. For IPv6 this is done automatically. Run ip addr and look at the address flags: addresses currently being checked have a "tentative" flag, and conflicting addresses have "dadfailed". Use ndisc6 to do a manual check/query. ...


Running vmware-config-tools.pl should fix this - the issue may return on reboot, in which case you could automate the running of this script at startup, or find a way to better integrate the changes it makes.


To cd a directory you need the execution permission on a directory. You say the other user has read permission, but it also needs the execution (+x) flag. Even if a subdirectory has 777 as permissions, as the parent directory doesn't have the execution flag, you won't be able to access it unless you grant the parent directory with the +x flag.


In openssl.conf is option string_mask. When it is set to default. then the CN can be encoded using BMPString (if I remember correctly) and this produces the \x00s. Today (openssl.conf says "PKIX recommendation after 2004") the value should be set to utf8only: string_mask = utf8only. Then CN then looks "normally": Subject: C=AU, ST=Some-State, O=Internet ...

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