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find /home/projects -mtime +7 -type f -path '*/logs/*' -delete you can test the match by removing '-delete' and if used in a cron, it's a good idea to prepend it all with nice for lower cpu/io priority


Turns out I had some errors on my disk that was causing this. To fix this I did the following: Access my computer (Windows Key + E) Right click the C Drive Select properties Select the Tools tab Select Check under Error checking Ran the error check and rebooted to repair the drive After this, I could delete the file properly.


None of the other (free) answers here worked for me, but I found one on another site: rimraf <dir> rimraf is a node.js package, so you will need to install node.js which includes npm. Then you can run: npm install -g rimraf Then you can run rimraf from the command line. I found this solution because node.js itself was causing this problem due to ...

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