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I realize this post is a couple years old, though I figured it might help anyone trying to do research just as I was while encountering the same problem last night. To be clear, I was having the same issue when trying to format and reinstall Win 7 Ultimate on the custom machine I built a couple of years ago. It wouldn't allow me to make any changes to the ...


Dell Client System Update The Dell Client System Update (DCSU) application provides update capabilities for Dell™ OptiPlex™, Latitude™ and Dell Precision™ client platforms. DCSU is locally installed on the target system. It includes support for retrieving and installing updates for BIOS, drivers, and system software released by Dell. Dell ...


This is Authentec biometric device. AuthenTec Windows Biometric Framework Integrated Driver View details AUTHENTEC_WINDOWS--BIOMETRIC_A00_R308120.exe | Hard-Drive (50 MB) Security | Release date 7/13/2011 | Last Updated 3/5/2014 | Option Dell support The link is to Dell support for latitude 5520. Select your OS, I found win 7 64 bit in this sample.

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