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I was also having an issue. Thought it was Windows 10 but it was actually an issue with the cable I was using. Apparently the U2713HM won't work with an HDMI or single channel DVI cable. Only dual channel DVI or DisplayPort. I'm using an Alienware 13 with a Alienware Graphics accelerator with a Titan X attached so it was obviously not older hardware. Really ...


Well, I found a solution. I've just realised that I have a CD with some Win7 32bit drivers for that printer, however, they work perfectly on Win10 64bit. Taken from a comment of DavidPostill It can be downloaded from Dell. "Printer tested with Windows 10. Dell has tested this printer model to confirm that it works with devices running the ...


According to the Owner's User Manual this motherboard supports resolution up to 1920x1080, so the answer is yes. But don't forget to check that also the lcd cable support it and the graphics card support it.

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