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In Photoshop, Files -> Scripts -> Image Processor. Enter 500 for both Width and Height and check Resize to Fit. It will maintain the correct aspect ratio and resize the longest dimension to 500.


The dimension refers to the diameter of the platter within a drive. Obviously, there is no such thing within an SSD, but the size is quoted as the form factor of the casing of the SSD drive is made to match those of traditional drive so that they can be easily used in place of a traditional one. The actual width of the casing of a 2.5" drive is 2.75". The ...


A4 is precisely 210mm x 297mm. Your calculation in the metric system is correct. The 1 pixel difference is likely due to improper rounding, and anyhow it's less than 0.02% of the width. A more precise determination of the A4 size in inches is: 8.2677 in x 11.6929, which would make the numbers match.


I finally was able to find the tool I used many moons ago under Win9x: CadStd Lite!


PDF files can contain documents of essentially any size. There is no 'standard'. The most common size in Europe and much of the world is A4 - 210mm x 297mm. In the US it's Letter: 8.5" x 11". Much of PDF content is stored as vectors and will scale, so the size in pixels is dependent of the output device.


There may be several different things going on. First manufacturer specs for screen size are based on a diagonal measurement and may include what is hidden behind the plastic bezel. So that's not a particularly useful measurement for your purposes. If the manufacturer published a 14" spec for the width, that probably represents the nominal dimension of ...


There is no "standard" size as it depends on the resolution you wish to print at, so your calculations are correct. Any discrepancy is due to rounding in the calculations where those performing the calculations rounded the intermediate values rather than waiting until the end (as you have done). A one or two pixel difference across 5,000 pixels isn't going ...


This is something Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is MUCH better at. Photoshop will work, as hyperslug explained, but if you plan on doing this a lot in the future you might want to give the free Lightroom trial a spin and see if it saves you some time.


It's a kludge and very manual but you could use a program like Xscope to determine the size and position and then use it to help you manually position the window for your screencast. The "Can't set bounds of window 1" often means that the window doesn't exist when the script was run. (eg. The window is actually made by a subprocess that gives the actual ...


This DPChallenge forum thread has a Javascript for CS4. Resize Action in CS3 for portrait OR landscape

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