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Assuming that the playback software itself has no performance issues, then the only difference between the 1:1 scaled version and the 2K/4K versions is that the latter will have to be downscaled to achieve the same presentation size. Depending on the downscaling algorithm of the player, you may see aliasing or softening/blurring effects. The video may also ...


Blank screen at post sometimes is a memory problem. Try reseating, or boot with one chip to see if that helps. (if you have two chips) I saw this happen and there was a burned/discolored spot on a memory chip.


I assume you mean the menu for the monitor itself which is brought up (various ways) by the buttons on said monitor, so the likelyhood is that a button on the monitor is stuck or sticking, either physically or just making an electrical connection somehwere. Pull all the power (from the wall), and see if a full reset would help, when that does not, ...


Alternate solution: custom resolution utility or Intel Graphics drivers custom resolution option.


This is very simple to do on most distributions, you need to change inittab to spawn a script instead of getty on the first tty. Edit /etc/inittab and alter the line that reads: 1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1 to something like 1:2345:respawn:/path/to/your/script

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