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The Inspirons have a magnetic catch for when you close the laptop lid. They use the magnetic sensor to work out when the lid is closed so the screen no longer needs to be on. Your phone is triggering the sensor.


Did you try disabling automatic brightnes in the Windows 8.1 Metro settings? Else you can try disabling the 'Sensor Monitoring Service' in windows services. Though by disabling the service, the rest of the sensors will also be disabled. (accelerometer, gyro, etc.) This can be done by following these steps: 1. Press Win+R key combo 2. Type and run: ...


Typical laptop LCD (without backlight) uses really low power (maybe 0.1W?). If you turn off LCD completely you will see latency after turning on. Graphics card and operating system has to reinitialize everything. I guess that reinitialization could use more energy than you could save by turning off LCD completely for a while and this may be the reason.


The refresh rate of the monitor and clock rate of the GPU don't correlate like you think they do. The CPU clock rate is how many cycles the GPU can perform per second. The refresh rate of the monitor states how many times the screen will redraw each second. You want your GPU to be fast so it has that data ready to pass to the monitor so it can be displayed. ...

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