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The metal case around a hard drive is effectively one big metal Faraday cage. An alternating Magnetic field couldn't effectively penetrate it whether it's diamagnetic, paramagnetic or a ferromagnetic metal due to the induction of eddy currents in the metal itself absorbing the external magnetic field. The bigger the AC current the warmer the case gets. Or ...


A recent question was marked as a duplicate of this one because it asked essentially the same question. It stated the reason for the question being that the information here, and elsewhere, is old ("Has the science changed?"), and wondered about whether the underlying research is current. Even in this question, the applicability of the research is ...


The option is not in the main menu, but has a dedicated button here: Click the button enough times to select OFF.


You know the computer works and you know the monitor works. I think the graphics card is bad. Can you swap it to check?


Nvidia announces 5K-ready GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card From TechRadar report


The only difference between modern TVs and monitors is the viewing distance they are designed for. Monitors have a higher pixels per inch density so test looks nice when you are sitting two feet away, TVs have larger surface area for viewing at long distances. If you are going to be presenting small details on the screen and you expect people to lean up ...

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