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It is almost impssible to upgrade the resolution. I tried it myself. The mainboard (Quanta LZ8) has only single channel suport for the special LVDS connector. You need dual channel support for higher resolutions than 1366x768 (like 1600x900). Source: http://kythuatphancung.vn/uploads/download/1b22d_Quanta_LZ8_-_REV_1A_-_Lenovo_IdeaPad_U410.pdf (pages: 7 ...


Take the LCD panel out of the laptop casing. The panel should have a label on the back of it with identifying information (model number or serial number). This is an example of a label: On Instructables Go on ebay/google and search for a controller board kit for the model number that you found on the label. This is an example of a controller board kit: On ...

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