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The Inspirons have a magnetic catch for when you close the laptop lid. They use the magnetic sensor to work out when the lid is closed so the screen no longer needs to be on. Your phone is triggering the sensor.


Does Windows (or any OS for that matter) communicate with the monitor and tell it to run at 30Hz? The graphics card controls the refresh rate, and can overide EDID if instructed to do so. Normally the settings in the graphics card's control panel are used select a particular refresh rate at any resolution as long as it's supported by both the graphics ...


All it cares about is the receiving side can accept HDMI, be it a TV, monitor, or anything else. If it can display HDMI it will work. The only issue you may run in to is if the monitor does not have any speakers you won't have a way to play the audio unless the monitor has some kind of audio out port.


The refresh rate of the monitor and clock rate of the GPU don't correlate like you think they do. The CPU clock rate is how many cycles the GPU can perform per second. The refresh rate of the monitor states how many times the screen will redraw each second. You want your GPU to be fast so it has that data ready to pass to the monitor so it can be displayed. ...

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