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Looking at the device description, it appears that you can use it to switch between multiple video sources, using a single display device. So for example, if you have an XBox and a DVD player, you can switch between the two using your television. The device does not appear to support what you are asking for, which is to use a single source (e.g. XBOX) and ...


I solved it! I connected the tv, and i booted into windows as usual. The i went into device manager and i clicked show hidden devices, then i deleted and uninstalled all devices and driver for that display. Then after rebooting it was working!


After thinking and tweaking for a bit I came to a conclusion: The G62 has a 32 bit bus, the Intel® Core™ i5-3210M Dual Core (Ivy Bridge) has a 64bit bus. Therefore the i5 is incompatible with the g62 motherboard. Kinda feeling like a complete idiot.


So the problem is that you have TERM=xterm-256color but are using the Linux console, which is not an xterm-compatible terminal. (And does not support 256 colors, either.) If you are setting $TERM from within your ~/.bashrc or similar file, make sure to check the previous value before setting the new one. For example: case $TERM in ...

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