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VGA is an analog standard and subject to distortions of this nature if there is a quality problem with the wiring or connector, or the cable is too long. If your laptop has a DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort port, try connecting that (with the appropriate adapter if needed) to your TV's HDMI input.


In my knowledge this is not possible as the only ports on a laptop are outputs not inputs.. You might be able to remotely control your desktop from your laptop (using various methods) however if they have not been setup prior to you not having a monitor on your desktop then chances are they are disabled/not installed.


This is possible but only if you modify the hardware. You don't want to go down that route unless you are computer hardware specialist/enthusiast. As CharlesH correctly stated, video ports on the laptop are output-only. You would need to disassemble the laptop and modify the connection to the screen to use it as input (VGA most likely). This would require ...


It's possible that one of the pins is damaged. Check to make sure none of the pins are bent. If none of the pins are bent, I would try swapping the cable, and see if it has blurred images on other devices as well.


Most external monitors will have processors to convert several potential sources such as DVI, HDMI and VGA to the monitor panels native signalling method or LVDS, for the panel electronics itself to convert to a native signal. Most external monitors also have built in OSDs that need software to control it and inject it into the video stream. These things ...

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