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Thank you very much for your response/answer, especially in light of the rather curt message I received from the first responder, in this, my first foray into StackExchange. That helped, but I'm still getting the error. (I had orginally used the statement Dim appExcel as Excel.Application, and changing it to ...as object got me past the object remaining ...


Dim excelapp As Object Set excelapp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Is what you're looking for. If you don't see it then use excelapp.visible = true.


There are later versions of the Redistributables than those you have linked to available on the Microsoft Download Center. These will allow you to repair your current installation. Microsoft maintain a support page with links to the latest downloads.


According to wikipedia MS Visual Studio 2003 equals version 7.1. Install the 2003 ~~redistrutable package. EDIT: There is no 2003 Redistrutable. According to this stackoverflow question, the runtime is included in .Net 1.1.

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