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You get it directly from zlib website. There's a link pointing to Windows prebuilt version: http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll.


I've solved the problem this way: Search for the "MSComCtl2 DLL" and copy over the same path as the .vbp project. Then try to re-open the project. If this fail, register the file (in that path) usign RegSvr32. Work for me!


ExplorerFrame mostly contains resources but all DLLs contain code that can be run by Windows; even resource-only DLLs contain code (that might by normally do nothing) that automatically runs when the DLL is loaded. It's part of how DLLs work on Windows. So you would have to make sure you are getting it from a trusted source, and even then you may have ...


To fix Windows DLL issues (missing or corrupted files) in Windows XP till 7, run sfc /scannow from a command prompt (cmd.exe) which is started as admin.


The correct course of action here is, as you say, not to go downloading random dll files from all of the internet but instead work out just which Visual C++ Runtime your program is expecting and install that. Chances are if it is Explorer that is complaining then it is because a new shell extension or related program is trying to work through it. You can ...

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