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Remove the known_hosts file: user@nixbox:~$ cd ~/.ssh user@nixbox:~/.ssh$ ls known_hosts wolf@nixbox:~/.ssh$ rm known_hosts Then try to add folder again and click 'yes' for the key. The file will automatically be recreated.


close Dolphin open terminal and enter: $ ssh-keygen -R open Dolphin and enter into the address bar: sftp://user@ (the port number is optional since it is the default 22 in this case) Click "yes" to the dialog that comes up


Try: smb://DOM%5Cabcdefg@server.tld/server/path (%5C is the URL encoding of the backslash character)


It won't work. It barely works on my low-end i3 with low-end GeForce. After my upgrade to the GeForce GT260 made it run at a decent speed, but there is no way that it would work smoothly on an Atom with a GMA3050 as a GPU.


Refer to the FAQ on the official Dolphin website: https://dolphin-emu.org/docs/faq/ The link you posted is to an old unofficial third party website not affiliated with Dolphin Team. As for your question that PC will likely not not run games in Dolphin well. A powerful CPU is required for full speed emulation.


After posting this question, I stumbled onto the answer. I’ll leave the question and post an answer so nobody else with the same problem bruises their forehead smacking it. The problem had nothing to do with permissions. There were a number of coincidences that pointed in the wrong direction. The files I was trying to move contained a character in the ...


Activate View → Panels → Places F9. Drag the icon from anywhere (URL bar, main viewport, folder structure) onto the Places panel.

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