Dots per inch, a common unit of quality in a picture.

Dots Per Inch (referring to on a line, and not a square measure), a common unit of quality in a picture.

Some common DPI measurements:

  • Windows monitors (Default): 96 DPI
  • Mac monitors (Default): 72 DPI

As a note (source):

The DPI measurement of a printer often needs to be considerably higher than the pixels per inch (PPI) measurement of a video display in order to produce similar-quality output. This is due to the limited range of colours for each dot typically available on a printer. At each dot position, the simplest type of colour printer can print no dot, or a dot consisting of a fixed volume of ink in each of four colour channels (typically CMYK with cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink) or 24 = 16 colours on laser, wax and most inkjet printers.

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