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It could be a problem with the driver. You should go to Device Manager under Control Panel and uninstall the driver, then download the driver from the Toshiba website and reinstall again.


The problem was solved by plugging the adapter into a different USB port. Though the problem was present with two different USB ports (one in the front, the other one at the back), trying a third one made it work! Though this answer doesn't provide useful information on debugging this kind of problems it suggests what you can try to have it solved.


How can I prevent Driver Updates from the command line? You can modify the registry to add the same entries as the GUI procedure outlined in the How to Prevent Windows from Automatically Updating Specific Drivers article. To find the correct registry entry look in the Group Policy Settings Reference Guide (see later in this answer for more information ...


Your computer probably has an SD card reader. Just like when you have a CD/DVD drive, these show up in Computer even as storage devices. When you actually insert media into them like a disk or sd card, then it will update the capacity shown in properties and allow you to view their filesystems.


You can remove the old drivers with the inbox tool pnputil.exe run pnputil -e > C:\drivers.txt open the file drivers.txt and look which .inf file is associated with the driver you want to remove run pnputil.exe -d oem<NUMBER>.inf This removes the driver correctly. If this is too complicated, you can use the tool DriverStore Explorer [RAPR] ...


Try using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). First you should download the older driver then run DDU as administrator. It will reboot into safemode and continue running there, you will see an option to disable automatic driver installation in the lower right of the software, click it then click Clean and restart to remove the current driver and also remove ...


Mine is a HP DV6 7000 series and after I upgraded my wireless/bt card to AC 7260, my bluetooth also disappeared. But I somehow managed to make it work. I don't know exactly what fixed it but here's what I did: I removed old drivers (Broadcom) I re-installed the driver for AC 7260 from Intel's website (I previously downloaded the driver from HP's) I ...

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