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Here is similar question, check it for the differences if interpretation of disk usage data


du processes arguments in order and keeps track of inodes so that they are only counted once (or twice if you use -c). I don't see how 123_AAA gets counted when it is listed after ., however. The first explanation I thought of is that symlinks could be treated differently when listed on the command line, but that is with option -D, not the default. Not ...


I think du is aware of hardlinks. Try du -shl . *A .


I couldn't replicate this error, however, when checking the man pages: SYNOPSIS du [OPTION]... [FILE]... So I think that you can only have one file argument at a time. Don't know why you're even getting a result for the last command: wilhelm@server ~ $ du -sh . 2.1G . wilhelm@server ~ $ du -h wa 4.0K wa wilhelm@server ~ $ du -sh wa 4.0K ...

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