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Check your Asus notebook user's manual. By default the video port for the external display is disabled on laptops/notebooks in order to conserve battery power and reduce electromagnetic emissions. You have to explicitly enable output to the video port. Typically the combination of the Fnkey plus one of function keys (e.g. F8) controls this on laptops.


HDMI is digital only. DVI can be digital and/or analog, known as DVI-I (digital+analog), DVI-A (analog), DVI-D (digital). So converters with DVI on one side and VGA (analog) or HDMI (digital) will work sometimes. Consider DVI out on a graphics card. If it outputs digital and analog, then the adapter to VGA will work, as well as one to HDMI. Consider a ...


Just want to share my experience which is very similar to what is described but slightly different config. My set up: Asus p8z68-v lx Intel i7 2600k SSD 16 GB RAM 650W PSU ATI GPU card Dell 27-inch After some fiddling, the issue disappeared when I replaced the graphics card. Hope this helps.

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