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We connected the second monitor to the HDMI using a VGA->DVI->HDMI Unless you used some active (and probably not-cheap) hardware that will have work. You have two steps here: VGA (analog) to DVI (capable of analog and digital output). DVI (digital) to HDMI (digital) The plugs much match, buit without some kind of active convertor this will never work....


You're going to need a new cable, you won't be able to modify the ones you have in order to make that work. You need either a male vga to male vga, or an adapter that goes from male vga to female dvi and then use your male dvi to male dvi cable. By the way, a plain male to male vga cable or the adapter will cost you under $5.


The cables you're looking at are active adapter cables. They contain circuitry that requires an external power source to operate. The USB connector provides that power (and nothing more than that).

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