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The D shaped female connector on your Dell PC is called DMS-59, or Dual Monitor Solution -59 pin. Although it is not a proprietary Dell solution, it is specifically designed to support two monitors from a single DMS-59 output on a half-height video card. A full height video card could fit two of these connectors, allowing connection of a total of four DVI ...


You need a DisplayPort->Dual Link DVI adapter, like this: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB571Z/A/mini-displayport-to-dual-link-dvi-adapter


Have you considered just not going into standby? Personally, I disable standby because of performance issues and never wanting the disks to spin down. Could be a simple, permanent solution or a temporary one while you try to figure out why the monitor loses it's signal. Additionally, splicing in a 5v power transformer into the "hot wire" of the display ...


Based on your description you have those possible problems: Bad connection to Monitor. Check all cables are connected properly. Probability: low External monitor is not recognized as it's not set to DVI source. Turn it on and force DVI as source in monitor menu, if this is a model with both VGA/DVI input (most have auto detect, but this may not work well). ...


The problem is the HD6450 already came with a dedicated VGA port therefore you cannot convert the DVI to the second VGA monitor since the architecture of the PCB board will not allow to do so. You can either use VGA and HDMI or DVI and HDMI not VGA and DVI period. source


You didn't state the model of your laptop, or what graphics adapter it has, but earlier versions of HDMI (previous to HDMI 1.3) can't support anything above 1920x1200. Even if the graphics adapter supports higher, the HDMI port will limit it.


Not likely. HDMI is a DIGITAL signal. VGA is an ANALOG signal. You can shove as many adapters as you want in that chain, but at the end of the day you're still pushing digital data. The converter box is what CONVERTS (with adapters built in) the signal from digital to analog. For reference, DVI to VGA adapters exist because some DVI cables (not all) can ...


this should help you on your way, basically, your screen is dumb and now only allows for control via DDC (Display Data Channel) This is barely used on desktop monitors but widely used for laptops. I did a quick Googleing and found this tool for the command line which might get you somewhere. http://jaffar.cs.msu.su/oleg/ddcci/. Personally I use Dimmer on ...


That's a passive adaptor. It converts a DVI-I into a analogue VGA port. More precisely, it breaks out the analogue portions of a DVI-I connector. It will not work in a proper DVI-D port (or an improper one with a DVI-I socket). To actually convert DVI-D (or any real digital out - displayport, hdmi ect) to VGA you need an active adaptor. If its a DVI-I ...

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