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Take a look at Anzu, which came out a few months after this question was asked. It can perform interactive highlighting and replacement of text in both query-replace and query-replace-regexp forms. In my .emacs, I override the default replace functions with their anzu equivalents as a former evil-user: (global-set-key (kbd "M-%") 'anzu-query-replace) ...


Another thing you can do, limiting yourself to commands that have a key binding out of the box, is hitting M-SPC (for just-one-space), which deletes all the spaces except one, and then you can delete the last one with backspace.


I would suggest using fetchmail (with mda option) instead of getmail. getmail configuration: ~/.getmail/getmailrc - deliver via procmail To deliver with an external MDA: [destination] type = MultiDestination destinations = ("[procmail-as-bob]", ) [procmail-as-bob] type = MDA_external path = /path/to/procmail arguments = ('~bob/.procmailrc', '-f', ...


Composability is the king with Emacs, just combine M-i with https://github.com/magnars/multiple-cursors.el and you have your indent block command. That is you do: M-> N times (where N is the number of lines in block) M-i

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