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You're slightly wrong in passing the third argument. In the command you've provided you pass instructions as many arguments, and, additionally, you echo local $PATH. You must pass the whole command as one argument, in single quotes. Instead of ssh root@B export PATH=$PATH:/add/stuff/here && echo $PATH Which is: (ssh + root@B + export + PATH=...) ...


The DOS command prompt, and individual commands, have different handling of quotes. Remove the double-quotes around the name of the exclude file and you should be set! For filenames with spaces, you can use the 8-character version, e.g., PROGRA~1 for Program Files.


Each process inherits a copy of the environment variables. So, generally, no – you should restart the entire desktop session from scratch. It might be enough to restart just the "system menu", in case it is a separate program – e.g. in Xfce4, you could kill xfce4-panel and start it again from the 'fixed' shell, and it will have inheritted the ...

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